Unfortunately, there have been problems with these apps, and so little interest in them, that they are being removed from distribution at this time and no updates are planned.

Subscribers are encouraged to set a desktop-icon that launches their preferred browser and opens the News Site.

To create a web-browser desktop icon:

<Right-Click> on a blank area of the desktop.

Scroll to "New" and <Click> on "Shortcut"

In the pop-up window, type or paste in the full pathname to the application, or "Browse" to it. Be sure it appears within quotation marks.

Type in a "space", then also within a new set of quotation marks, enter the URL for the website you want.

<Click> "Next".

Type in the name you want to appear for the icon.


The default icon will be the one for the selected browser.

This can be changed to any of the standard icons found at "%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll" by <Right-Clicking> on the icon and selecting "Properties | Change Icon".