The practice of putting news behind a paywall is also followed by the Cincinnati Enquirer and many other news outlets across the country, local and national.  Unlike other TV news websites and apps in Cincinnati, we are committed to providing in-depth coverage on issues that matter to our city.  We have a robust team of digital reporters dedicated to this effort.  They are reporting on issues like risks to our drinking water, care for our veterans, the heroin epidemic, and fun stuff too.  

On top of that, anyone who signs up for premium content gets access to the Washington Post and Rewards like free tickets to shows at Riverbend, free movie tickets, discounts at local restaurants and more. The cost of membership goes directly to fund the reporters working on important stories like the ones above.  Due to the changing structure of the news business, we can no longer rely on advertising to support our costs. Hopefully this helps in understanding the motivation behind charging for content.